Vertex I-Supra C+ / Omega 200i Filtersystem


I-Supra C+ Filtration platform was designed to accommodate High-Power Filtration with a style that reflects that of its employer. While every corner of the product displays the extreme attention to details behind the design, many key differentiating conceptual points are what has shaped the main design behind the product.

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1- Optimization of raw water turnaround: Many if not most Salt-Water Aquarium systems suffer from utilization of large return pumps forcing excessive flow through the said size of system volume.

The core concept of the I-Supra C+ design is based on;” raw water turnaround optimization”.
This is achieved primarily by generating proper turnaround to match the selected skimmer size, design, capacity and draw. A larger pump (while an unnecessary expense) is also detrimental to your system’s health by resulting in possible “under skimming” of the aquaria. This can be the underlying problem to many chronic tank issues such as continued red slime, diatom, turbid water…
The Installer/Operator must consult with the tank manufacturer to establish the optimal pass through the overflow that can result in only skimming raw water only from the top surface of the water column.
2- Lack of Filter-Socks Array(s): While we try to create an artificial reef in our urban space, one must keep in mind that any system design must mainly revolve around providing the best care and environment to the housed animals.
A Filter-sock, although a great tool to temporarily polish water; clogs quickly by trapped particles can start to decompose immediately. This effect is enhanced due to available surface within the sock as well as the high flow of raw water through it.
Having said that, to optimally employ filter socks in a reef tank, a short regiments of exchange would be necessary. Vertex I-Supra C+ has been designed to extract organics, detritus and sediments through multiple efficient means of filtration, skimming and flow management. With proper filtration, a filter-sock should be only utilized as an “occasionally used tool” to polish water when the environment has been disturbed. This is valid in events such as; aquascaping, new coral placement…
Once the water turbidity has subsided, a properly designed and operated filtration unit should sufficiently produce clear water without the need to utilize filter-socks continuously hence reducing costs, maintenance and labor.
According to our research; many existing systems today, utilize one or more 100μ poly filter-sock contionusly with a weekly or biweekly exchange regiment. This can be redundant unless an aquaria is illuminated with lower than 390nm light source of any type (under which the suspended particles fluoresce and become visually over-exposed). Smaller suspended particles when present in normal saturation are usually not visible and not an aesthetic concern for the naked eye.

Design Features:
 Return: 25mm* True Union Valve
 Drain: 40mm** Union / 2 Drains per Supra C+ models to accommodate “Herbie” or “Dual Overflow” style systems.
 Auxiliary Return: 25mm***
***Additional split manifold on return pump to accommodate feeding of additional devices, filters, etc.
 Novel Skimmer compartment Bypass: This feature will bypass the flow from the skimmer compartment allowing the user to drain this compartment with the onboard Eheim drain pump without the need to disrupt flow to the display tank. Skimmer and other filtration items can be removed for maintenance or service without the need to shut the system down.
 Eheim C1000 pump – Drain Pump for skimmer compartment, this onboard pump can drain water from the base level effectively removing most of the water from this compartment for any maintenance or cleaning.
 5 Port Dosing-Array
 Routing panel for ¼”tubing used for RO/DI or Dosing pumps with PMMA transparent cover
 Back wall cable conduit for equipment cables
 Back wall cable holder routing
 7 port probe station with Titanium Screws / 1*15mm hole, 6*13mm holes
 Side wall cable conduit for probe cables
 Side wall cable holder routing for probe cables
 Level sensor holder– 2 Slots (Install module for NON-Vertex float valve available separately)
 Back wall cable holder routing for Level Sensor cables
 Dual Ceramic media holders, can house 2, ~ 200 * 200 * 30 mm (Thick) Ceramic plates
 Skimmer drain-hose port, the skimmate drain can be directed through this gland and connected to a containment vessel outside the sump or directly to the drain.


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